Foot Bath with Gemstones and Epsom Salts during Full Moon

Foot Bath with Gemstones and Epsom Salts during Full Moon

Today is Full Moon and the agitation of Aries begins to play up. We will call it Full Moon for the next few days as well, because the energy is mega palpable even then. It is a powerful Moon this month in Aries and Taurus. Both strong animals that you don't easily push off their spots. A foot bath with gemstones (no selenite or lapis as they don't stand water well) releases heavy energies and helps to recharge yourself. Because all the nerve nodes of your body converge in the feet, a gemstone foot bath is ideal for healing and relaxation.

Hereby we would like to tell you how we make our footbaths: 

In the bath you are going to use, place at the bottom the gemstones you have chosen. For example, our chakra stones are perfect for this: https://www.moonsisters.com/collections/moon-stones/Moon-Stones

There are seven chakras and they all play a very important role in the well-being of the body and mind. The chakras are the body's power plant. Each chakra can be stimulated by a particular gemstone. We have made a nice selection of 7 stones to support all chakras. 

Next, fill the foot bath with warm water and add Epsom salt. Epsom salt has several positive effects on the body (and mind!). For example, if you've had a rough weekend and your body could use some detoxification, you'll benefit from a magnesium salt bath. No bath? Then a foot bath will do as well. This is because the sulfates in the salt cause toxins and heavy metals to be pulled out of the body - a detoxifying and deacidifying effect. Here you can find the Epsom salt we use. Enjoy this relaxing moment and allow yourself time today. 


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