Constellation Libra: the most important characteristics at a glance

Constellation Libra: the most important characteristics at a glance

Libras are active between the sheets and crave recognition: these shorthand assumptions about your zodiac sign are probably familiar to you. But what's the real deal? Time for a basic astrology lesson.

Features Libra - 'Life is like a piece of art'

24 September - 23 October

Libras are cheerful types, always looking for harmony. They do not like to quarrel and prefer to live a very peaceful life. Balance is key - but what else would you expect from a Libra? But, appearances are deceiving: for they do not have this balance naturally, they look for it outside themselves. A harsh world in which war and strife take place is beyond them. A partner or close circle of friends who deal with Libra in harmony makes up for a lot. In short: be a little extra sweet to that Libra in the group.


A Libra child is sweet and content, truly a dream baby. Walking around town smiling in the stroller - who wouldn't want this? No whining or screeching, there is little that gets a Libra baby off his or her stride. At a slightly older age, Libra kids love to play for hours on their own, getting lost in their own fantasy world. Dreaming of faraway places is wasted on them, which makes them a little less good at school.

Love and sex

If you want to hit on a Libra, palm the person in question with compliments - without slimming, of course. Dare to dream away together and listen to the interesting (not always truthful) stories this sign likes to tell.

Libras take love very seriously and are turned on by tenderness and romance. Make-up and see-through (but not necessarily spicy) lingerie are part of this. Wild sex or SM is not for a Libra. Afterplay is just as important as foreplay; both should be loving and tender. In the ideal setting, the afterplay even merges back into foreplay - a Libra can sometimes be unstoppable, so get ready ;-).

A Gemini is the ideal partner for Libra because they linger in the lovebird phase - even after years of marriage. Aquarius is also a good candidate because this zodiac sign continues to tout itself as the ideal partner. The Gemini is firmly convinced of this for the rest of their relationship as a result. Finally, Leo is a potential candidate because this zodiac sign likes to show off the Gemini partner. What can start to backfire, however, is the attention a Libra receives from others.

Dealing with

Give Libras plenty of compliments (especially in the workplace!), this encourages them to work harder and for mutual appreciation. Libras are also incredibly creative and see the beauty in everything around them. Give Libras room to pursue creative hobbies and you'll make them happy. After all, all those fantasies have to be expressed somewhere. Recognition is very important - make sure you give them enough.

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