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Having problems with your order? Can't find the symbols of the Moon Calendar? Chill and breathe, because we have the answers to all your burning questions.

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I have sent an e-mail to customer service but have not heard back yet. How is this possible?

We are all human, and we try to do our job the best we can! We aim to respond to your e-mail within 48 hours, so hold on. Our customer service team works between 09:00 and 17:00 Monday to Friday and they'll do their best to help you out as quickly as possible.

Do I need an account to order?

No, you haven't! We are working hard on this, but for now you can order without an account. We keep you posted!

Why am I not receiving the newsletter?

If you haven't signed up yet, do so at the bottom of the page - otherwise you don't know what you're missing ;-). If you have subscribed, but don't receive them in your inbox, please check your gmail on the 'advertisement' tab or check your spam-inbox.

How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

At the bottom of every newsletter we send, there is an opt-out button, with which you can unsubscribe.


Is the Moon Calendar durable?

Yes, the Moon Calendar is definitely made of recycled paper. The energy from the paper residue is used to fuel the machinery. Furthermore, the paper is FSC and Imprint'Vert certified.

What kind of sources do you work with?

We have gathered a wonderful team of people who are all very skilled in their own field. A great astrologer, a garden architect who knows everything about growth and flowering and many others. We have also read many books with ancient wisdom that we incorporate in the Moon Calendar.

Where do I find the icons?

In the back of the Moon Calendar all the symbols are explained with their full description. There we explain what effect the icons have on the day we have placed them. Every day the Moon gives a different energy and supports certain actions more than another day.

What do the different Moon phases stand for?

NEW MOON: A new beginning. A good time to make plans or start something new. Write intentions for what you want to create in your life. Rebirth.

FIRST QUARTER: A period of growth and planning ahead. Taking action in the direction of your intentions. Requires perseverance, commitment and concentration.

WASHING MONEY: A period of building and strengthening. You are in your power, can grow well on your own and take in everything better.

FULL MOON: Everything is reaching a peak, everything is 'full'. Our feelings are strong (both positive and negative), there is unrest in the air and we may suffer from insomnia.

LAST QUARTER: A period to feel grateful for the intentions that have become reality. Dare to transform and let go of what no longer belongs to you.

DRAFT MOON: A period of rest, cleansing and letting go. Time for a big cleanse. A good time to let go of old or limiting ways of thinking. A time of completion.

How does it work with the organs and body parts?

Each sign is linked to organs or an area in the body. Depending on which constellation the Moon is in, these organs/body parts are extra sensitive every day. This applies to everyone at that time, regardless of your own birth star sign.

Can you put the gems in the water to make Moonwater ?

This has a positive effect on the water. You can drink this water or wash yourself with it. People know very little about the power of gemstones. Every stone has its own power. On the website of www.moonsisters.com you can find out what the power of each gemstone is. Please note: these gemstones are not resistant to water, e.g. calcite, magnetite, selenite, lapis lazuli, malachite, turquoise and angelite.

Where can I find the products mentioned in the Moon Calendar?

You can find these products in our webshop ☺.

Where can I find the origami?

At the back of the Moon Calendar. Share your result on Instagram stating @moonsisters and #mooncalendar.

Is the Moon Calendar trimmed with real gold?

Yes, the Moon Calendar is hand-trimmed with gold leaf.

How do I use the QR-Code (extra icon at the bottom of some pages of the Moon Calendar)?

Set your phone to camera mode and once you scan the QR code you will be linked to our website.


Is my order successful?

If the amount has been debited from your account, then the order has been successful! After your payment you will receive an e-mail from us with your order number and expected shipping date. 

Why haven't I received a confirmation e-mail?

It may take a while before you receive an e-mail, but please also keep an eye on your spam. If you still haven't received anything after one day, please send our customer service team an e-mail at info@moonsisters.com

How can I pay?

You pay safely online with us, via iDeal or credit card.

Can I also pay afterwards?

No, it is not possible to pay afterwards. Please contact us at info@moonsisters.com if you want to order a large business order on invoice. 


When will my products be shipped?

Once you have placed an order, your products will be shipped within 1-3 working days. This applies to shipments within the Netherlands. 

Can I return my products?

Of course we give you the chance to think about your purchases. You therefore have 14 days to return your items, if they meet the following conditions:

The article is undamaged;

The item is still in its original packaging;

The item is unopened;

The article is immaculate;

The article has not been used.

The following products cannot be returned:



How do I return my products?

Please return products, including the packing slip to the following address:

De Pakketten Fabriek
t.a.v. Moonsisters
Alkemadelaan 4
2371EX Roelofarendsveen
The Netherlands

You must pay the shipping costs for this shipment yourself. Tip: keep the shipping note of your return order until it is received by us.

When will I receive my money back after a return?

After we have received the product and checked it for any damage, you will receive your money back within 2-3 working days to the same account you originally paid with.

My item arrived damaged/wrong. What should I do?

Please contact our customer service team at info@moonsisters.comwith a picture and/or description of the wrong or damaged item. We will then help you as soon as possible! 


Can I work for you?

Do you share our love for the Moon and want to make this your profession? Unfortunately, we do not have any vacancies at the moment. But keep an eye on our social media channels and website, because who knows, we might expand!

Can I sell your products in my own shop?

Yes, you can! Please contact us at info@moonsisters.com and we will let you know what the possibilities are.

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