About Moonsisters

Moonsisters is a curious platform that explores and shares information with anyone who is open to it. It helps people get back to their core, in touch with what already is. To show the power of nature and to give an optimistic impulse to everyday life. 

Moonsisters presents a year-long Moon Calendar in which, every day, the energy of the Moon is described in combination with the constellations and the position of the planets. Bringing ancient information back to the present, with the most auspicious moments described every day in a way that suits the time in which we live now. Full of quotes and delicious recipes, a beautiful tear-off calendar trimmed with gold leaf, because Moonsisters everyone wishes for days with 'golden edges'. 

Dare to live from the heart and trust your intuition and what the Universe brings you. The Moon is a reminder that no matter what phase I am in, I am still whole.

Moonsisters makes products with attention to craftsmanship, quality and originality. In addition, they Moonsisters collaborates with companies they believe in and which (largely) share the same philosophy. Moonsisters is pure, positive, open-minded, ambitious and inquisitive.

Founders are Jetteke and Lieke van Lexmond. They cannot be pigeon-holed, because they think without limits, very intuitively and make choices from the heart. They are like a jack-of-all-trades with one face. They are straightforward and intrinsically driven to get everything out of life. Everything they make together clearly has a great sense of aesthetics and femininity. Heartthrobs with a down-to-earth outlook. Not everything for one, but one for all. Down to earth, accessible and unprejudiced. And with that they are a great inspiration to Moonsisters.


Lieke from Lexmond

Lieke has been visible with her work on television since the age of five. She has been presenting and acting professionally since the age of 16 and has thus become a well-known television personality.

Jetteke from Lexmond

Jetteke has been working in fashion for over twenty years now. She helped set up Elle Girl, Glamour and Vogue in the Netherlands as fashion editor, among others. She is also a creative director for various national and international fashion brands.

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