About Moonsisters

Moonsisters researches and shares information to bring people back to their core and connect with the rhythms of nature.  

Moonsisters presents every year a Moon Calendar in which for a year, every day, the energy of the Moon is described in combination with the constellations and the positions of the planets. Bringing age-old information back to the now, with each day's most auspicious moments described in a way appropriate to the times we live in today. Full of quotes, beautiful full color illustrations and trimmed with gold foil, because Moonsisters everyone wishes for days with "golden edges. 

Dare to live from the heart and trust your intuition and what the Universe brings you. The Moon is a reminder that no matter what phase I am in, I am still whole.

Moonsisters makes products with attention to craft, quality and originality. In addition Moonsisters partnerships with companies they believe in and share the same ideas.

After a visit by Founder Jetteke van Lexmond to the Jura in France,
she discovered that the power of the moon is still used in many parts of the world.
She found this so fascinating.
Our ancestors all lived in harmony with the rhythm and law of nature. They observed the heavenly bodies, such as the course of the sun, the moon, the position of the stars and their effect on all living things.
The Moon's cycle was the first cosmic guide because the forces announced by the Moon's phase and position in the zodiac were much more important to daily life than the position of the sun.
The Moon touched her so much and she did not want the knowledge gathered by our ancestors to be lost, but this knowledge is incorporated into the Moon Calendar.

Annually, the Moon Calendar is published, in which the energy of the Moon is shared daily. By knowing more about the power of the Moon
and its different phases, it can help us to (re)connect with our true essence within.

Her philosophy
Numerous natural phenomena such as the tides of the sea, meteorological events, our menstrual cycle and childbirth are related to the moon's cycle. We are composed of about 70% water. The Moon and her lunar cycle influence our mental and physical health. Today we have to pay a high price for ignoring the rhythms and laws of nature. Reconnecting with this ancient wisdom, especially at this time, can be of great value to all of us and to the world we live in.


Jetteke from Lexmond

Founder Moonsisters

One of Holland's most renowned stylists and Fashion Director. During her career, she has made titles such as ELLE Girl, Glamour and Vogue key players within the Dutch media. Van Lexmond has styled fashion shows for Azzedine Alaïa, Max Mara and other major fashion houses. Her career also includes: founding Lexmond|Lexmond a jewelry brand in collaboration with royal Asscher. In addition, Jetteke is one of the few ambassadors worldwide for the prestigious house of Chanel. Her energy and time in recent years has been focused on the moon and spreading this beautiful information worldwide.

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