Constellation Leo: the most important characteristics at a glance

Constellation Leo: the most important characteristics at a glance

Lions roar all day long and can't spare a moment's attention: these short-sighted assumptions about your star sign are probably familiar to you. But what about the real thing? Time for a basic lesson in astrology. 

Features Lion - "Where's the spotlight?

23 July - 23 August

If you know or are a Leo, then you know that this star sign steals the show like no other. The show must go on is a motto that is right up his or her alley. Lions have a powerful personality and seize life with both hands (claws). Temperamentally, they grab every opportunity they get. But don't let these character traits put you off, because Lions are just as loyal and helpful as they are temperamental.


Lions have a powerful voice from a young age. They want to conquer the world and therefore often become housebroken quickly. Lions are often bossy to friends or siblings in their youth. New ideas, games and mischief alternate. Doorbell ringing remains fun even for the umpteenth time.

Love and sex

Lions generally have a high sex appeal and love to flirt. They are almost pros in this field. However, the potential 'prey' (we're talking about Lions here!) should not get physical too quickly. When a Leo is in love, it is often head over heels.

In bed, Lions love sex games. Partners are thoroughly tested, but tender foreplay is still important. Caressing and looking deeply into each other's eyes are part of it. 

There are a number of ideal partners for the Leo. First, the Aries: Lions and Aries strengthen each other in a relationship, which consists of ardent desires and mutual respect. Archers are also a good match, together they go on adventures in the wilderness.

Dealing with

In terms of work, a Leo prefers to see himself as a director of a company right away. Why gain experience first if you already have the management skills by nature? Fortunately, Lions do recognize that it doesn't work that way, but in terms of interaction it is important to recognize the potential of the Lion. If you are the partner of a Leo, make sure that the Leo gets the necessary rest from time to time. The frenzied life takes its (physical) toll and a Leo finds it difficult to take rest. Overworking, high-level sports, and getting out of control on the weekends can go well once in a while, but are disastrous when it forms a repeating pattern.

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