Jetteke's Favourite Picks

Jetteke's Favourite Picks

Jetteke's Favourite Picks

Turtle Ring


Jetteke's Favourite Picks

The Ultimate Treasure Pouch


Jetteke's Favourite Picks

Lucky Box


Jetteke's Favourite Picks

The Iconic T


Jetteke's Favourite Picks

SUPER SALE! Now 1 plus 1 free. Moon Calendar 2023 ENGLISH


Jetteke's Favourite Picks Moon Beauty

Japanese Herbs Moon Oil - Roll On


Jetteke's Favourite Picks

Supreme Sweater Honey


Sustainability and craftsmanship

Our great love of the Moon is in keeping with our passion for nature. And sustainability is part of that too, of course. Our Moon Calendar, for example, is FSC-, PEFC- and IMPRIM VERT-certified. And we go even further: if you order the Moon Calendar via our website, it’s quite possible that it will be delivered to your home by a perspiring bicycle courier.

The Incas and their Quipu calendar

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The Incas and their Quipu calendar

A brief history: over the centuries the Inca empire spread across the Andes mountains in South America, with Cuzco in Peru as its capital. There is a reason behind the saying ‘pride comes before a fall’: at a time when the Incas - an Indian people – had reached the peak of their powers, their leader and his successor died, probably from smallpox, the deadly epidemic of the time. Around the same time Spain slowly began its conquest of South America, the pre-colonial era came to an end, and Columbus’ discovery of the Americas in 1492 led to the fall of the Inca Empire.

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