About The Moon

Dear Moonsister/brother, 

Below you can read all the information about the lunar phases, the moons
per year, the elements, constellations, planets and more. If you still have questions you can always ask them via our instagram @moonsisters or through the mail info@moonsisters.com. We love to answer all your questions.

We hope to give you as much information as possible through this way
so that you can make the Moon Calendar work for you, 365 days a year.

New Moon

The period of New Moon is a special lunar phase. She doesn't seem to be there, but nothing could be further from the truth. Unshaded by the sun and dark, she is in the sky, but her feminine energy is working as usual. However, her power is at its lowest right now. Each New Moon is a zero point and a new beginning, from ´invisible and dark´ she grows again from this moment to a peak of light and feminine creative power. It is a time of rebirth after a respite. 

New Moon invites you to pause, turn inward, meditate, fast and make new plans from your heart. What are your heart desires? What makes your heart beat faster? And what do you need for that? Feel it, set your intention (from trust, abundance and purity) and wish for it with New Moon! Your intention is important. Intentions that are not pure or based on fear (e.g., fear of lack) will not be able to flourish much, if at all. When you focus on love and trust, you allow these higher frequencies to continue to grow. Compare it to the growth process of
a seed. 

We believe that you can add extra power to your dreams and intentions by writing them down, painting, drawing or speaking them out. After all, everything is energy and interconnected. Stand in front of the mirror, open your heart to love for yourself, the earth and the universe, let it flow through your body and say your wishes out loud while looking yourself straight into the eyes "windows of the soul. 

You could create your own New Moon ritual, for example with gemstones. Choose intuitively which stones you want to use. You can make a circle of gemstones and/or candles, hold the stones in your hands or place them on your chakras. Do what feels right for you.

Before you begin the ritual, you can cleanse the space with sage, palo santo (sacred wood) or with light from the Source. While burning palo santo and/or sage, visualize how everything in your home or practice space is purified. This gives a wonderful clearing feeling.

- Write down New Moon intentions and wishes
- Turn inward and reflect
- New ideas
- Ceremony Space cleansing
- Lucky box; describe the days with golden edges and save your highlights
- Suitable time for self-care: a warm bath or relaxing massage

'Plant the seeds of tomorrow from trust and a loving and abundant heart.'

Full moon

The moon's energy is coming to a peak. The moon is now at its most powerful and completely "full. It has come full circle. It is a period of completion, completion, manifesting and reaping. This energy also helps you let go of what no longer serves you. Think grief, anger, addiction, disappointment, shame, etc. It is an ideal time for forgiveness, letting go of resentment. Look back over the past month. Have there been any conversations or situations where you felt angry or hurt? Invoke the Full Moon - in all her light, feminine power and nurturing - feel her maternal energy and lovingly let go. Then you free yourself from negative, stagnant energy, which can get stuck in your body and cause all kinds of complaints over time. 

And during the Full Moon, reflect on what you are grateful for. Who or what are you grateful for? What successes have you had this past month? What seeds/dreams have come true?

Forgiveness and gratitude are the keys to inner peace and happiness, which you can empower extra during the Full Moon. Be aware of the gifts from the universe, coincidence does not exist, it falls to you.

The Full Moon is an ideal time for rituals and charging your gemstones. Place your stones outside in the moonlight or in front of the window. Or you could use our New Moon Sage or Full Moon Rose spray to
cleanse the stones of negative energy.

You can do a "release ritual" or meditation with others using gemstones and fire. Feel what stones you want to use. It is nice to come together during the Full Moon, gather feminine energy, sing and dance around fire in the light of the Full Moon. Write down what you want to let go of and throw it into the fire with love and gratitude, so that it can transform into "light and dust"; the beginning of all creation. This is how you make room for the new,which you want to welcome into your life. Should you do this with a beautiful group of women and/or men together, this can be very connective.


Last Full Moon tip: make powerful and healing moon water. Put your intention on paper and tape or place it on or under a bottle of water or carafe (which you can seal). Put this outside on the night of the Full Moon and allow the water to recharge. If you cannot put a bottle outside, you can put it in front of the window in the moonlight. In the morning, you can drink the moon water. It can strengthen your feminine energy and has a purifying effect. You can also use the water to clean gemstones and jewelry. 

- Full Moon writing down intentions and wishes
- Turning inward and reflection
- Letting go and gratitudeClearing stuff
- CeremonyCleaning and charging precious stones
- Making Moon water
- Lucky box; describe the days with golden edges and save your highlights
- Suitable time for self-care: a warm bath or relaxing massage

'Let go of what no longer serves you. And make your heart a grateful heart and magnet for miracles.'

The moons by year

January - Wolf Moon/Snow Moon

The first Full Moon of the year has been known for thousands of years as the Wolf Moon or Snow Moon. During this period, many wolf howls are heard in some regions and the landscape was often snow-covered. It was long thought that the wolves howled from hunger. But today we know that they communicate with each other and mark their territory in this way. This moon has a masculine, dominant energy and can trigger you to demarcate, guard and secure your own space.

February - Ice or Hunger Moon 

The Full Moon in February has several names and refers to winter in the Northern Hemisphere. This period used to be a time of hunger and bitter cold. This moon also refers to the purity, cleanliness and calm radiance of ice. Nature and the animal kingdom are in deep hibernation. It is a period of standing still, turning inward and purifying. Is there something you want to come to terms with? Then invoke this moon. Fun fact is that February is the only month that sometimes does not have a Full Moon. That does not apply to 2023, when there will be a Full Moon on Feb. 5. 

March - Crow or Worm Moon

This March Full Moon has a peculiar, mysterious energy - matching the crow - that appears in the sky around the spring equinox. Ancient cultures believed that this moon had special powers and triggered the growth of plants and crops. The month of March is named after Mars, which in turn is associated with action, death and rebirth, reconstruction and growth after a dark period. This Full Moon marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Nature is coming back to life. The first signs of planted seeds
become visible. What seeds are sprouting for you? And what do you want to continue to grow and blossom in the time ahead? 

April - Pink or Wild Geese Full Moon

In April, we speak of the pink moon. This moon is not really pink, but named by our ancestors after a pink wildflower that grows during this period. The pink moon is often the first Full Moon of spring after the spring equinox. Easter is also celebrated during this period: on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon of spring. During Easter we look for and eat eggs, which symbolize new beginnings and new life. In nature, trees regain leaves and many animals are born. What do you want to be born in your life and in the world?  

May - Flower, plant or grass moon

The month of May is a blooming and growing month. Trees, plants and flowers come into bloom. Nature is bustling with activity. Bees and butterflies buzz and flutter around and the first hatchlings fly out of the nest. Nature is at its most beautiful and (colorfully) rich at the end of May. Farmers can often cut grass for the first time during this month, hence the name grass moon. Nature is slowly preparing for the warmth and light of summer. 

June - Strawberry and rose moon 

June is the month of summer and the month of the solstice: shortest night and longest day. The Solstice or midsummer night is a culmination of light and a boost of energy, lifting you up for a moment and giving you a sense of
superpower. Because in the Northern Hemisphere the first strawberries ripen in June and the roses bloom, this moon is called Strawberry and Rose Moon. Roses are the symbol of love, gentleness, beauty and self-care. June is a month to be extra sweet and gentle with yourself and others. And to enjoy all the beauty of Mother Earth. 

July - Deer or thunder moon

Our ancestors called this Full Moon the "buck moon," because male deer get new antlers during this time. The old antlers stop growing in July, dry up and slowly detach from the forehead. July (and also August) is full summer in the Northern Hemisphere. A hot, sweltering summer day often ends with severe thunderstorms and other unsettled weather. Then there can be considerable lightning and thunder. This "electrical energy" can create a sense of discharge and breakthroughs. 

August - Green corn or sturgeon moon

This Full Moon was called "green corn moon" and "sturgeon moon" by Native Americans. It was the sign in August that corn could almost be harvested. The cobs that were just green were about to turn ripe (golden yellow). The reference to "sturgeon" has to do with the fact that many of these freshwater fish were caught during this period.

September - Harvest or corn moon

September is the harvest or corn month. The fruit on the fruit trees and corn have matured sufficiently and can be harvested. It is a time of gratitude, joy, blessings and celebration of life. There are still harvest festivals celebrating the harvest yield and giving thanks to nature. The Full Moon in September is also called equinox moon. This moon falls closest to the beginning of autumn, which begins astronomically on Sept. 23. We are slowly moving from outside to inside again and want to make our homes cozy and snug again. What can you reap? What are you grateful for? What do you want to celebrate? And who or what do you want to thank? 

October - Leaf falling moon

This Full Moon is also Harvest Moon every three years, depending on whether it falls at the beginning or end of the month. The time between the setting of the sun and the rising of the moon in October is short, compared to other Full Moons. Light is refined during this period of the rising moon and setting sun. Plants and trees are increasingly losing their leaves. Nature has the most beautiful variegated colors in October. 

November - Beaver, sacrificial, icing or blood moon

In November, the beavers build dams in the water before hibernating and temporarily disappearing. Then beavers could not be hunted for a while. November was also the sacrificial month of the Indians. Animals were slaughtered as a sign of gratitude and worship of the gods. That is why this moon is also called sacrificial and blood moon. It is a great time to reflect on the extent to which you have sacrificed for something or someone and how you could do things differently out of love for yourself and others. 

December - Cold moon and moon of the longest night

December ushers in winter in the Northern Hemisphere. The chances of cold(er) weather and night frosts increase from now on. Astronomically, winter begins on December 21. On this day, the winter solstice takes place: shortest day and longest night. After the winter solstice, the nights slowly become shorter again and the days longer. During Christmas - when we have had the darkest days of the year - the return of light is celebrated. The Full Moon in December is the sign of winter, turning inward and the lengthening of the days.

Signs of the zodiac: polarity, category, element, organs and planets

We all know the twelve signs of the zodiac, "constellations" colloquially. These have their own characteristics, character traits, polarities, qualities and connections. The moon follows its orbit of some 28/29 days through the twelve signs of the zodiac. Each sign is linked to organs or an area in the body and one or more planets. Astrology looks from the head to the toes. Depending on the position of the moon (in one of the signs) each day, certain organs, body parts and areas of the body are especially sensitive. This applies to everyone, regardless of your own star sign. 


A sign can be yin (feminine) or yang (masculine). This does not mean whether you are male or female in life or whether one sign is more positively "better" than the other, but it is about your way of acting and thinking. Male/ yang signs are generally more extroverted, action-oriented and outward-looking. Female/ yin signs tend to be introverted, more receptive and have a greater need to turn inward.

Male/ yang signs: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Female/ Yin signs: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.

There are three types of categories of constellations linked to the seasons: cardinal, fixed or movable.

Cardinal signs
These signs are also called the main signs. They naturally take charge, love change, take initiative and like to start new things. Looking at the seasons of the year, the cardinal signs herald the different seasons. Aries announces spring, Cancer announces summer, Libra announces
autumn and Capricorn announces winter.

Fixed signs
The fixed signs are so called because they are firm and stable. You don't just push them "loose" and around. They stand at the highest point in the season. Fixed signs are determined, honky and loyal. When they set their sights on something, they go all the way. They also generally have a calm demeanor. They do not like change very much. Fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Movable signs
The movable signs are the most flexible and changeable, moving between seasons. They are often on the move (and therefore can be restless), enjoy many things, love variety and can sometimes react impulsively. These characters are masters at coming up with new ideas and multitasking, but find it difficult to finish what they have started. They dislike pigeonholes, routine and rigid thinking. Movable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius
and Pisces. 


In addition to the polarity and category of your zodiac sign, four elements apply to your sign: earth, air, water and fire.

Earth signs are hard workers, responsible, down-to-earth and - how could it be otherwise - nice and down-to-earth. They have two feet firmly on the ground and love earthly pleasures. Good food, fancy stuff, intimacy and everything else beautiful on earth. They are also reliable and realistic. No charades and fancy talk: 'what you see, is what you get' and 'it is as it is'. However, they are more attached to certainty and fixed habits. Change can upset them. They can be stubborn and tenacious when familiar territory is threatened
. Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Air signs are the quick thinkers, strong in communication, changeable and flexible. They are the butterflies of the zodiac. They flutter quickly and easily from one thing to another. Often have a hundred ideas (half of which die in beauty), broad interests and love sociability and people around them. Air signs like to draw their own plan; freedom and independence are important. They can be too much in their heads and quite fickle, which can make them somewhat elusive to others. Air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Water symbolizes
feeling, emotions, purity and flow. Water signs are sensitive, emotional, intuitive and empathetic. They have a lot of love in them and are eager to care for others. Because they feel so much from others and respond to it - and sometimes overstep their own boundaries - they can become overexcited and overloaded more quickly. Then, as self-protection, they may take off their armor, not showing their true feelings or poking and biting off. Water signs do not like tight schedules and set habits. They prefer to live in the now and rhythm of the day. One moment they flow fast like a swirling river and the next they babble like a peaceful stream. Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Fire signs
love action, adventure, challenge, competition and passion. They are born leaders, inspirers and like to win. They are enthusiastic, positive in life, can take good care of themselves and are real bon vivants.
In addition, they have a lot of self-confidence, which can occasionally and tend to pride, arrogance and royal (diva) behavior. Wonderful
qualities of fire signs are their warmth and generosity. They have a heart of gold. In addition to receiving, they also like to share their love, knowledge and wisdom. Fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. 


Aries March 21 - April 20

Polarity: masculine/ yang
Category: cardinal
Element: fire
Organs: head, brain and eyes
Planet: Mars

Aries is the first (cardinal) sign of the zodiac, at the beginning of spring. Aries is a powerful sign that loves action, challenge, achievement and competition. They are entrepreneurs and pioneers at heart. This sign fearlessly treads new paths, goes straight for its goal and wants to be the best. The bar is often set high, for themselves and others, and struggles and conflicts are not avoided. Aries does not look away, but takes it on! 

Organs: head, brain and eyes

Aries relates to the head. When the Moon is in Aries, your head may dominate and you are more likely to experience fretting, headaches and migraines. Aries prefers to ramble on, but may occasionally throttle down. This prevents headaches, stress and burnout. A relaxing head massage works wonders.

Taurus April 21 - May 21
Polarity: female/ yin
Category: solid
Element: earth
Organs: larynx, speech organs, teeth, neck, jaw, tonsils and ears
Planet: Venus 

Taurus likes stability and (financial) security and prefers to avoid change. This sign prefers to quietly continue on its familiar path, without craziness and unexpected twists. Taurus is a true earth sign and feels strongly connected to the earth, nature and his body. Bulls love life and beautiful things, they have an eye for beauty. They often have a gentle and loving nature. They don't get angry easily, but when they get angry, you better get the hell out of there.

Organs: larynx, speech organs, teeth, neck, jaw, tonsils and ears

Taurus is connected to the ENT area of our body. The neck and throat are especially sensitive in Taurus. When the Moon is in Taurus, your vocal cords can become overworked more easily, which can cause you to lose your voice. And you are more susceptible to sore throats, laryngitis and colds. Self-care is extra important on these days. Drink a cup of tea with fresh honey, put on a warm scarf during inclement days and take a long bath.

Gemini May 22 - June 21
Polarity: male/ yang
Category: agile
Element: air
Organs: shoulders, arms, hands and lungs
Planet: Mercury

Gemini are the fastest thinkers and multitaskers of the zodiac. They can switch gears at lightning speed and do multiple things at once. This sign is enthusiastic, social, always on the move, eager to learn and looking for new impulses. The cogs in their head are turning at top speed, so they can be too much in their head and can sometimes be superficial, rushed and restless. They can also tire of something quickly, making this sign fickle. Today it may still be a big "yes," but the very next day a "no," because the novelty
has worn off. But one thing is certain: with a Gemini by your side, it's never boring and "inside the lines.

Organs: shoulders, arms, hands and lungs

Geminis are often in motion, so are hands and arms. They often talk with their whole body and can take too much on their shoulders. Because they are in their heads a lot, they may be a little higher in their breathing, so the lungs and breathing require extra attention. When the moon is in Gemini, your lungs may be more sensitive. Tips: meditate to get out of your head and relax and go outside, breathe fresh air.

Cancer June 22-July 22
Polarity: female/ yin
Category: cardinal
Element: water
Organs: chest(s), lungs, stomach, liver and gallbladder
Planet: Moon

Cancer is the mother of the zodiac. This emotional
water sign is loving, intuitive, empathetic and caring. Family and their relatives - especially their children - come first, which they cherish and instinctively protect with their powerful scissors. Letting go of their children can be a thing. Safety is important. In the face of danger, stress and when they feel hurt, they retreat into their hard armor and can lash out vigorously. Because Cancer is primarily focused on the needs of the family, this sign can be quite self-absorbed and exhausted. Whereas the sensitive Cancer needs rest and space for themselves to recover and refuel. Self-care and alone time are a must.

Organs: chest(s), lungs, stomach, liver and gall bladder

Cancer is known to have easy stomach and digestive problems. With too much and too fatty food, they may have symptoms such as heartburn, hiccups and other burps. The bile and liver may also flare up as Cancer keeps its anger within its armor and stores it physically. Moon in Cancer can make you extra emotional and trigger old pain, releasing it. A healthy and regular diet and meditation are recommended.

Leo July 23 - Aug. 22
Polarity: female/ yin
Category: solid
Element: fire
Organs: heart, diaphragm, back, circulatory system and arteries
Planet: Sun

The Leo is not called the king of animals for nothing, including the zodiac. This inspiring and passion-filled sign is powerful, warm, loving, creative, generous and a true leader. The Leo brims with self-confidence, looks ahead, clearly indicates his limit - up to here and no further and dares to take risks. Lions often have a natural(er) authority and charisma. They also like to play, it doesn't all have to be so heavy and serious. And they like to shine in the spotlight, which means they can occasionally be a tad arrogant and theatrical "a drama queen. Diva behavior or not, the lion is also the undisputed king of the heart and makes many hearts beat faster.

Organs: heart, diaphragm, back, circulatory system and arteries

It should come as no surprise that Leo is connected it with heart, circulatory system and arteries, especially the aorta. When the moon is in Leo, the heart is said to be more sensitive. Therefore, this sign is more susceptible to tension, stress and heartache. Unload, relax and exercise sufficiently. Get out in nature, get a massage and pursue your passion! 

Virgo August 23 - September 22

Polarity: female/ yin
Category: agile
Element: earth
Organs: digestive organs, nerves, spleen and pancreas
Planet: Mercury

The Virgo is the most orderly, neat and efficient sign of the zodiac. This responsible sign loves structure and regularity and has his/her affairs in order. The Virgo abhors chaos, mess and useless items. The closet is preferably organized by color and less is more. This sign is down-to-earth, has two feet on the ground, knows how to get things done and does not like fuss. No complaining and too much 'bullshit', but doing what is needed. In addition, purity, service (to society) and modesty belong to the Virgo. This earth sign may be careful not to make life too heavy and serious. Enjoy every day. And good is good, get rid of perfection and that sky-high bar.

Organs: digestive organs, nerves, spleen and pancreas

Virgins are generally known for their good health and balance. This sign is associated with the abdominal area, especially the digestive system, and the nerves. They benefit from a healthy lifestyle. Alcohol and unhealthy foods are something they already naturally take less of because they know their bodies do not respond well to them. Their perfectionism can make them stressed and tense at times. Moon in Virgo can make you a bit fussy and neurotic. Meditation, yoga,
movement and nature provide peace and relaxation.

Libra Sept. 23 - Oct. 22
Polarity: masculine/ yang
Category: cardinal
Element: air
Organs: hips, kidneys and bladder
Planet: Venus

The charming Libra loves balance, harmony, justice, connection and beauty. Injustice is not done for this golden sign. Libras are often found in public positions fighting against injustice in the world. Conflict also creates tension. Libras strive for peace and harmonious connection and are willing to give up their own needs and ideals to do so. As a result, they can lose themselves and become unbalanced, because their own scales of give and take are no longer balanced. Endless tossing and turning is also part of the Libra. Making decisions can be difficult as a result. They would like to get it right for everyone, which is unfortunately impossible. The challenges for Libra are self-love, learning to receive and saying no more often. Energy and inspiration boosters are art, music, creativity and other artistic expressions.

Organs: hips, kidneys and bladder

The undercarriage is sensitive in Libra. If they sit too long or incorrectly, they may experience hip and pelvic pain. And the kidneys and bladder can flare up faster, think bladder infections and inflammation of the ureters. Healthy eating and drinking plenty of water are important. Be careful with cold and sitting on cold surfaces. Heat, an infrared lamp, a day in the sauna and a hot bath are especially beneficial.

Scorpio Oct. 23 - Nov. 21
Polarity: female/yin
Category: solid
Element: water
Organs: sexual organs and urinary tract
Planets: Mars and Pluto

Scorpio does not shy away from the dark and goes deeper than deep. This intense sign is very intuitive, sensitive and instinctive. This sensitive water sign immediately feels "by his water" if something is right or wrong and sees through the whole picture. A Scorpio does not fool you easily. His knowledge of people is also flawless. When in doubt about something, Scorpio investigates and gets to the bottom of secrets and mysteries. Own feelings and emotions they prefer to keep hidden under a sometimes somewhat hard and cold armor. They can appear cool and closed, while deep inside they have strong emotions and are passionate. If a Scorpio trusts you, they will go through fire for you and love you with all their heart. But don't hurt them
because they can remain angry - even resentful - for a long time and (continue to) stab you
viciously instinctively.

Organs: sexual organs and urinary tract

Reproduction (survival), sex drive and the bladder are associated with Scorpio. When the Moon is in Scorpio, you may have more trouble with your periods. It may be more irregular and you may have more cramps and blood clots, especially around Full Moon. Tips: make love with passion as well as gentleness and be aware that you are making an energetic connection with someone during the act. Also be careful of cold, drafts, spicy and heavy foods.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21
Polarity: male/yang
Category: agile
Element: fire
Organs: upper legs and veins
Planets: Jupiter

Sagittarius is generally a race optimist, loves life, sociability and travel. This sign likes to look ahead and is confident. His arrows are often focused on a future goal he would like to achieve. Archers love profundity and are often looking for answers to life's questions. They are attracted to philosophy, the big cosmic picture, education and other cultures. Freedom, adventure and playfulness are important to the changeable Sagittarius. This bon vivant loves to have a good time and is averse to patronizing, rules and obligations that interfere with his freedom and fun. Do not hammer on responsibility and precision in Sagittarius, then he can literally pack his bags and leave for faraway places.

Organs: thighs and veins

The Sagittarius zone are the hips, thighs and veins. When the moon is in Sagittarius, there is a greater chance of leg fractures. Archers often enjoy sports and notice quick results such as fitness and muscle building. Avoid too long walks and exertion of the legs. And limit fatty and heavy foods to keep veins healthy.

Capricorn December 22 - January 19
Polarity: female/ yin
Category: cardinal
Element: earth
Organs: knees, bones, joints and skin
Planet: Saturn

The powerful Capricorn is the most responsible sign of the zodiac. He is focused, ambitious and works hard. Capricorn is nice and earthy and practical. Don't make it too woolly for this sign, just shrug and go. Capricorn likes structure, security, planning and organizing. He prefers to work as purposefully and efficiently as possible. It is not for nothing that many Capricorns are successful in their work because of their enormous drive. But they can sometimes get carried away and become over-responsible, rigid and somewhat insensitive. Work is important, but not the most important thing in life. Jump out of the band, enjoy yourself more often and feel what you really need.

Organs: knees, bones, joints and skin

Capricorn is associated with the knees, which can be a bit more sensitive. In addition, this sign may suffer more from skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. When the moon is in Capricorn, your bones and skin may be more sensitive. Avoid major exertions of the back and knees. A relaxing massage provides a moment of rest and stress relief for the hard working Capricorn. 

Aquarius Jan. 20 - Feb. 18 

Polarity: male/ yang

Category: solid
Element: air
Organs: lower legs and veins
Planet: Saturn and Uranus 

The idealistic and free-spirited Aquarius knows what he wants and stands for. Freedom, love and connection are paramount. The Aquarius is a true connector and functions well in groups. The Aquarius feels comfortable in a community job in which he can express his humanistic vision. The energy of Aquarius is not for nothing called the energy of the new age to which we are moving. Therefore, this sign says: not I, but we, for the highest collective good. After all, we are all one. Aquarius does not like rules and obligations and does not shy away from going against the grain and masses if he thinks otherwise. Often Aquarians are intellectually and technically well versed. They are attracted to science and technology. That is where they can bring a breath of fresh air with their unconventional approach and vision. This air sign may be careful not to get too much into their heads and be guided by too much intellectual ego. There are more roads - and truths - that lead to Rome.

Organs: lower legs and veins   

Aquarius rules the lower legs: from the knees to the ankles. The veins in the lower legs may be more sensitive, think varicose veins. Do not force the lower body during exercise. Take a bath with Himalayan salt or magnesium or plan a day in the sauna when the moon is in Aquarius.

Pisces Feb. 19 - March 20  

Polarity: female/yin

Category: agile
Element: water
Organs: feet and toes
Planet: Jupiter and Neptune  

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. This caring water sign is super sensitive, loving - have so much love in them -, emotional and intuitive. They love romance and cherish true love. Pisces can feel like the best, which can sometimes overwhelm them, as atmospheres and emotions of others pop in. Then they may shut down, withdraw or want to escape from the ordinary world. Many Pisces have a rich inner experience and imagination, which is the ideal food for writing, poetry and art. They are attracted to magic, fairy tales and mythical figures. As a result, they may be more susceptible to addictions. Watching series and gaming - escaping from everyday reality for a while - is an outlet. Pisces, with their big heart and gentle nature, feel at home in a job where they can work from the heart and there is room for creativity. 

Organs: feet and toes    

Pisces is the gatekeeper of the astrological cycle and is associated with the underside of our body: feet and toes. Our feet reflect our health. Good nutrition and adequate relaxation are a must for sensitive Pisces. In addition, make sure you have comfortable shoes and take good care of your feet. Give your feet a bath with beneficial oils and herbs, lubricate them nicely or have them massaged when the moon is in Pisces.

Properties of the planets

Sun: rules over Leo
The Sun is the father, the masculine, life force and light. In your horoscope, as in our solar system, the Sun is the center. It is your
identity, who you are at your deepest core, separate from learned behaviors. The sun tells you who you are now and where you want to go. It gives direction and leads you to your true destiny in this life. What do you want to develop and unfold in yourself? What goals do you want to achieve? And what do you need to do that? The Sun also indicates what makes you happy and makes you most happy.

Moon: rules over Cancer
The moon is the mother, the feminine, feeling, emotion and intuition. In astrology, the moon has a strong influence. Full Moon is the pinnacle of feminine creative power. The Moon is also linked to cycles (menstruation and ebb and flow), nurturing, maternal security, nurturing, instinct and secrets. What do you need to feel safe, to freely be yourself? What blockages and behavioral patterns are you experiencing? And what is still in the dark (your black moon)? The moon also says something for your bond with your mother and influences the way you often respond unconsciously to your environment.

Mercury: reigns over Gemini and Virgo
Mercury is the planet of movement, communication, intellect and education and is also called the "divine messenger. The planet indicates how you talk, write, learn and think. Do you talk and learn quickly or very slowly? Do you write neatly or sloppily? Also, this planet indicates what your greatest interests are and therefore what you think about a lot.

Venus: rules Taurus and Libra
Venus is the planet of love for others and yourself, beauty (and sometimes a touch of vanity), fertility, romance and sexuality. By whom or what are you touched and felt to the depths of your soul? This planet is also about pleasure, sense of aesthetics and indicates in what way you like to connect with others. Do you enjoy one-on-one contact or do you prefer to move in a group? In addition, Venus loves (the good) peace and balance.

Mars: rules Aries and Scorpio
Mars is related to the god of war and can stir up anger, strife and conflict. This planet can heat up tempers considerably, but above all it is the action planet par excellence. And determines how you stand up for yourself. Mars gives strength, energy, courage, breakthroughs and stimulates your libido. It is the chili pepper among the planets and we all need that pepper in moderation from time to time.

Jupiter: rules Sagittarius and Pisces
Jupiter is also called the planet of fortune and great benefactor. It is the largest planet in our solar system. The optimistic Jupiter gives confidence, growth and prosperity and shows where you can feel blessed in your horoscope. Also, this planet magnifies everything, allowing you to become overconfident and exaggerate. Jupiter is also eager to learn, develop spiritually, explore and go out. This playful energy boosts your joie de vivre, higher purpose and lust for adventure.

Saturn: rules Capricorn and Aquarius
Saturn's energy is mature, strict, cool and responsible. Saturn sets boundaries, laws and rules. This planet is also called Father Time because it makes you look at the past and your fears. Saturn triggers your pain and shadow places, where your fears lie, and invites you to look at them. And to take responsibility over your life. This energy can be intense and heavy, but is the greatest catalyst (gift) for your spiritual growth. For it is precisely under your fears, which (unconsciously) hinder you and keep you "small"
, that your greatest power and potential lie hidden.

Uranus: reigns over Aquarius
Uranus is the cosmic rebel and freedom fighter who can shake things up - even shock them - and create unexpected twists and turns. This planet with electrical charge, which can feel like lightning, brings renewal and innovation and invites you to go off the beaten path. So that you don't get stuck in old, destructive habits and patterns. There is more to life than your safe comfort zone. Sometimes this requires a small (spiritual) revolution, which ultimately brings liberation and soul growth. And leads you to your true self and identity.

Neptune: rules Pisces
This planet is the most spiritual and mystical planet and longs for unification. Neptune allows you to dream and fantasize about your deepest desires. Because Neptune allows boundaries to blur, this energy can feel chaotic and confusing. You may momentarily lose yourself (or your focus) and feel like you are floating, rather than grounded. This planet can also make you flee from what you don't like and give a distorted view - through slightly too rose-colored glasses - of reality. The challenge is not to flee into narcotics and victimization (pointing at others is always easier) and to continue to see through the illusions. Everything happens for a reason. It is impossible to keep running away and escaping it. Face it and turn your burden into your strength.

Pluto: rules Scorpio
Pluto can give a sense of everything and nothing. This planet is about power, secrets, taboos, survival, death and rebirth, rebuilding and renewal after destruction. This planet symbolizes intense transformation, depth and metamorphosis, often after a crisis and spiritual "ego death," in which unreal layers have fallen away. And you get closer to who you really are. Pluto in your horoscope is about fears and
secrets. Where are your greatest fears and what do you prefer to keep secret? Astrology talks about Pluto cracking. This is when a fear or disease in your soul dies off, for which strength and wisdom take its place.

Chiron is not an actual planet, but is described as astroid and centaur (half man, half horse). According to mythology, Chiron was a healer who could not heal himself and is therefore called the wounded healer. This asteroid shows you where you have been wounded in your life - through no fault of your own. Chiron touches your deepest soul wounds and (family) traumas so that they come to the surface and can be healed. Once healed, you can pass on your wisdom as a "healer, teacher or mentor" to help others.

North Node
The North Node indicates your life purpose, true destination and potential: why you are really on earth. This node indicates what you may still learn, whether you are on the right path and where you may go. The North Node can wake you up at a certain point and remind you that the universe has a different plan for you, which does not always match your current life, relationship, job etc. It is then up to you what you choose.

South Node
The South Node indicates where you come from (the past): the karma of your past life, knowledge and
experiences you are born with. Opposite it is the North Node, where you want to move to in this life. Often this journey brings life lessons, challenges and struggles, but ultimately brings you the highest possible satisfaction and inner (soul) peace. 

Lunar phases

New Moon
The moon is dark and seems to be absent, but nothing could be further from the truth. She is just retreating for a while, preparing for a new cycle. Every New Moon is a new beginning. It is the optimal time to set your intentions for the upcoming monthly cycle and month. Write, draw and paint your intentions, wishes and dreams that you want to manifest. And focus on what you do (rather than don't) want, from confidence and abundance. What
you give your attention to grows.

First 15 minutes
During this phase, regularly dwell on your intentions, feel them again, direct your energy toward them and visualize as if they are already realized. This requires perseverance, trust, commitment and concentration.

Waxing Moon
The moon is becoming fuller and moving toward its zenith. It is a period of building and strengthening. You are increasingly coming into your power and your intuition is getting stronger. Don't be put off if your head has different ideas than your heart. This phase is a good time to revisit and improve your plans. Or start something new. That's fine right now, it's not a full moon yet.

Full Moon
The moon is completely "full" and reaching the peak of the lunar cycle. There are ordinary Full Moons, as well as supermoons. The latter moons are closer to Earth and are therefore brighter and more powerful.

Our feelings can be strong during the Full Moon, both positive and negative. We can feel that something is about to happen or is in the air, which can cause turmoil and instability. 

Some wishes come true, others need more time. The full moon can leave you bouncing and sleepless because of its powerful energy or, on the contrary, make you emotional and tired. Each full moon has its own themes and activations. This phase of the moon lends itself to release, purification and gratitude rituals.

Diminishing Moon
The moon becomes smaller again and diminishes in energy. You may feel a need to relax after the intensity of the full moon. Perhaps some things did not turn out as you had hoped. Accept it and schedule space for
rest, cleansing, reflection and alone time. This is not a time to start something new and pop, but to move with the rhythm of the moon. Go with the moon flow. However, a very good period to do things like cleaning, cleansing facials or anti cellulite treatment, everything releases easily.

Last Quarter
The lunar cycle is almost over. During this phase, take a look back. What intentions and dreams have come true? What may you receive with gratitude in your life and let go, before the new lunar cycle begins? In this phase you can feel strengthened what no longer serves you and stands in the way of your growth. Surrender, dare to let go, forgive, transform and dream! If you can dream it, you can do it. 

The moon and its power on water and the female cycle

The moon's attraction to water is great. Together with the sun, the moon determines the tides. Around Full Moon, ebb and flow are strongest. Then the moon and sun are aligned. We humans also consist largely of water/moisture which is set in motion by the Full Moon. That is why many people feel the Full Moon. You may have headaches during the Full Moon, feel restless, be emotional, sleep poorly, etc.

Influence on menstrual cycle

In addition, the moon affects the menstrual cycle, which "coincidentally" lasts just as long as the lunar cycle. Women used to be much more attuned to nature. Ovulation and menstruation coincided with the New and Full Moon. Today, this natural rhythm has been disrupted for many by artificial light, processed foods and contraception. 

Two lunar cycles
There are generally two lunar cycles that apply to most women: menstruation during or around the New Moon or just during and around the Full Moon. These are the three- to four-day period around the New or Full Moon. 

White Moon Cycle
During this cycle you menstruate
during New Moon and ovulate during Full Moon. This cycle represents creative power, fertility, motherhood, reflection, nurturing and caring.

Red Moon Cycle
During this cycle, you menstruate during the Full Moon and ovulate during New Moon. This cycle is associated with women focusing on their spiritual development, rather than motherhood and reproduction.

The cycles can vary. The white lunar cycle usually coincides with a quieter period in your life, while the red cycle more often coincides with intense transformation and growth. 

Restore natural cycle
Chemical contraception, stress and too much artificial light (from our cell phones and in big cities) can disrupt your menstrual cycle and make it irregular. The moon used to be the only source of light and gives little light compared to the sun. That's how our bodies knew it was night. The extra light during the full moon made it clear that it was
Full Moon. Our body tuned in accordingly. 

The more we let our bodies work naturally, without chemical contraception, listening to our bodies and moving with the rhythm of the moon, the more we will come into alignment with the moon. Then your cycle will naturally repair itself and your period will begin to coincide with the New or Full Moon.

We may begin to see our period as a gift again, rather than a burden. It is the sign that a woman's body is working as it is allowed to work and of fertility. In addition, each menstruation is a purification and cleansing of the body. Honor your cycle and femininity during each New and Full Moon.  

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